From showrooms, coffee shops, and boutiques to living rooms, kitchens, and master suites, Twinkle Designs uses an in-depth
knowledge of how color influences people, emotionally and logically, to choose the right colors, textures, and lighting for the right
results in any environment.

Changed Kitchen Residential Color Consulting and Design

Whether you want to make your own home more comfortable and welcoming, or need to help sell a client’s home faster or at a higher price, an architectural color consultation by Twinkle Designs can help you do that more effectively.  Learn More


Changed SalonCommercial Color Consulting and Design

What colors put customers in the mood to buy?  How do colors affect patients’ physical health?  What colors make office workers more productive?  An architectural color consultation by Twinkle Designs can answer those questions and more for you.  Learn More 


Changed Cabinate

Custom Decorative Arts on Walls, Furniture, and Floors

Sometimes the only effective solution is a custom solution.  That’s why Twinkle Designs offers painted floor, furniture and wall designs that put your own individual brand on the space where you live or work.  Learn More 


Changed Pillow BackgroundHandmade Goods
What began as accessories for customizing client spaces has grown into a variety of favorite handmade items that are sometimes useful, often decorative, and always colorful.  Inventories change all the time, so be sure to check out what’s hot now.  Learn More