“My neighbor came into my home last night for a cup of tea, and was just ‘awestruck’ at how my home looked – all due to you.”
– B.M., Quincy, MA

“I finally bought the perfect house, on a hill overlooking San Diego. I loved the natural light, but throughout each day, the shifting position of the sun actually changed the colors of the whole rooms, making what was great in the morning look dull and boring by late afternoon. Twinkle Designs went through every room and hallway with me, taking pictures and making notes, then sketched out ideas to show me what it could look like by changing colors and types of paint. We made the changes and it looks fantastic, all day and into the evening. I couldn’t be happier. NOW it’s the house I always wanted.”
– C.W., San Diego, CA

“As a result of the transformation, my sales have increased by 20%.”
– V.S., Stoughton, MA

“The mural broadened my customer appeal because it attracts not only my original type of clientele, but also attracts their daughters.”
– T.M., Milton, MA

“In the maze of colors, you make sense of it all.”
– R.G., Easton, MA

“Every time I come home, I just say “Ahhhhhhhhh.”
– J.T., Boston, MA

“I hired Twinkle Designs to help add new energy to our sun-washed room that faces the Atlantic Ocean. She did a great job, showing me a few different approaches to really bring the room to life and I absolutely LOVED the end result. Then we had a storm that broke a large window, and the replacement window changed the color of the room. Gloria came back, took pictures, and found exactly the right paints to help me recreate the look I loved so much. She is very professional and dedicated to getting it right. I highly recommend that you give Twinkle a call.”
– S.I., Quincy, MA

“My kitchen is small by today’s standards, so Twinkle used bold colors, recessed lighting and smart cabinet choices to make it do more and feel bigger. It’s absolutely perfect!”
– J.F-C, Boston, MA

“It is a happy home and you helped brighten it.”
– M.L., Boston, MA