Gloria_190x190Gloria’s Approach to Art and Color

My work is intended to both engulf and embrace the energizing feeling of wonderment.  When I see an object or environment, I first consider what artistic or pallet change I might make that would have a major impact on how others see and react to it.  It is not just an artistic exploration of possibilities, but an emotional and scientific one, as well.  After all, while such an exploration is a search for answers, it is also a quest for the subsequent effects and reactions that vary in each of us as individuals.  Because we each react to color, shapes, textures and other aesthetics differently, my motivation comes from the joy of creating unique solutions to positively impact people’s lives, and to perhaps make their lives richer by finding the aesthetic solution that is “just perfect” for them.

Gloria’s Training

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design’s decorative arts program, Gloria has also earned professional certifications from the International Association of Color Consultants-NA, the Business of Color’s ColorIQ program, and the Eiseman Institute for Color Information and Training. In addition to her Architectural Color Consulting business, Gloria teaches Color Theory to interior decorators and architects at the Boston Architectural College in Boston, Massachusetts, and teaches for ColorIQ of San Diego, California, and is a Board Member of the IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association), serving as Vice President of the IFDA Education and Educational Foundation. Ms. Robertson has been featured inThe Boston Globe, Design New England and March magazine.