ColorkitMaybe it will happen when you look at the existing cornucopia of color kits and question whether you want to lug their extra 20 pounds to every single client meeting.  Perhaps it will sink in when you finally acknowledge that there is limited marketplace demand for rooms in neon green, screeching yellow, or gunmetal teal.  But whatever awakens you to the thought, as an Architectural Color Consultant, there will come a time when you consider the benefits of customizing your Consultation Color Kit.

But doesn’t “customizing” automatically mean “limiting” your options? Not necessarily.

It only means that you don’t have to carry each and every possible option with you like a pack mule heading into the Himalayas for a year-long quest.  But how do you decide what to include on most journeys to the client and what to usually leave in the studio?

First, there are several technical issues to consider, including the quality of different paint companies’ product lines, the specific needs of the clients you meet with most often, your own professional leanings, and more.  All paints are not created equal, after all, so you need to decide which brands work best for you.  That decision may be driven, in part, by the types of clients you serve most often.  And your own leanings?  Well, as with any profession, the more you learn, the more you will discover what you feel works best for your clients.

After the above core criteria are satisfied, you can move on to the fun stuff – having to choose which colors to keep in your core repertoire.  I thought it would surely be easy for someone as experienced as me to sort out the necessary  from the disposable…until it became painfully clear that I really enjoy most colors in one way or another.  Sometimes it felt as if I were splitting up a family, so having to decide which ones to leave waiting back in the studio cabinet caused some exasperation.

In the end, I succeeded in customizing my own Consultation Color Kit.  I am now proud to say that I no longer carry around bundles and books of unnecessary colors.  It makes my life as an Architectural Color Consultant easier, and is actually easier on my clients, too.  And in this business, achieving beauty efficiently matters.  Besides, if the color I have with me is almost but not quite perfect for the effect I’m creating for a client, I also know that I still have exactly the right color, tone, and hue waiting eagerly in my studio to be put to work.